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PARC in the media


Dr. Mike Walther's interview with WJAR

Dr. Kirsten Benito's interview with WJAR



Listen to members of our team discuss topics within pediatric anxiety on Bradley Hospitals Mindcast Podcast and with The Curbsiders 

Anxious KidsDr. Jennifer Freeman
00:00 / 18:54
What is Exposure Therapy?Dr. Josh Kemp
00:00 / 20:48
What is School Refusal and How to Handle It?Dr. Jennifer Herren
00:00 / 18:12
#50 Facing the (Core) Fear! Live the Exposure LifestyleDr. Beth Brannan
00:00 / 01:04
#51 Start Low, Go Slow, Get High. All About MedsDr. Beth Brannan
00:00 / 01:04
Top 10 Signs of Anxiety in KidsDr. Michael Walther
00:00 / 14:26
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